5 reasons to invest in - or upgrade - your business photography

There are many moving parts to running a business, and it can be hard to know which is the most important to invest in at the beginning. From setting up the back end business aspects to dealing with logos, websites, online shops - the seemingly never ending list goes on! I’ve been there too. 

If you’re a new business just out the gate, investing in beautiful photography is definitely a priority if you have the budget. In such a visual online world it’s so important to inspire your customers and to show them exactly how your product or service will make them feel. Visuals help build an emotional connection, and people are driven to buy from emotion. 



5 reasons it's time to invest in - or upgrade - your business  photography

When a customer lands on your website or Instagram for the first time, you want them to have an instant idea of who you are and what your business is all about. Your imagery should create a feeling - preferably an inspiring or positive one! This is communicated so much in the images that flood your feed or decorate your website. 

If some of your photos are light and bright, some are dark and moody, some are shot professionally but some are taken on iPhone, you’re making your customers work so much harder to understand what you’re offering. 

Inconsistency is confusing. It also looks unprofessional and as if you don’t look out for the details.  

If you’ve got an event coming up to sell your products or services and you need to print flyers, posters or provide an exhibition with images, having a library of beautiful images to choose from can come in handy. 

Similarly, if you’re putting together investment decks, brochures or thank you cards to include in your packaging, photos that are aligned with your vision and best represent your business are so important. 

Thinking about how your photography can be used outside of your website and Instagram feed is really key to making the most out of your assets. 

I’ve lost count of the number of times clients have said to me that they had intended to do all the photography themselves but they are rushed, have no time and are not achieving the results they see in their head when they do get around to taking pictures. And that’s beyond ok! No one expects you to run the show AND be a professional photographer. 

If you are at the stage where you can allocate budget to photography, outsource! You will reap the results tenfold when people can see your vision in front of them. 

Content can be a bit of machine, especially for social media. If you need lots of images for social media, I have a special package that simply involves posting me the products and I post them back

You might be a couple of years into the business and you’ve updated your logo and overall look and feel. Perhaps you’ve got a small collection of photos from your first round of products, but the logos are outdated and you have a new or tweaked colour palette. 

Now would be the time to invest in some new photography to show off your new look and feel. How will customers know that you’ve invested so much time in a new look, if they can’t see it? 

Perhaps the images you’ve created so far no longer fit with where your business is today. That might be because you have new product offerings, a new business goal, purpose or direction. In short, you’ve made a pivot and your images need to reflect that. 

For example, if you’ve shifted to a more luxe, elevated status for your brand, the old images that were shot with perhaps a rustic, vintage aesthetic in mind, won’t fit with where your business is currently operating at. 

You need to inspire and create content for your ideal customers in order to attract them. 

1. Your photos are inconsistent 

2. Your business is growing and you need images for lots of different platforms 

3. You don’t have time and it’s stressing you out.

4. You’ve changed your branding or packaging

5. Your current images don’t align with your vision.

No one knows your business better than you. Trust your gut!

If you have questions about how I work, check out my FAQ page for more nitty gritty details about my shoots and how I work.

For more established businesses that have been running for a few years, how do you know when it’s the right time to invest in new photography? Maybe you had a shoot in your first year, but your vision has shifted, you’re targeting new customers or you have a new aesthetic. 

In case you need a little help deciding when is the right time to invest, here are 5 reasons that it might be time to upgrade your visual library.